NOVOCS Matte is a low viscosity silicone solvent that evaporates quickly. It can be used to thin down Psycho Paint or FuseFX Paints. NOVOCS stands for NO Volatile Organic Compounds. It gives the paint a matte finish that is unrivaled in the industry.


Novocs Matte / 0,94kg Novocs Matte, Silicone Solvent, Pint unit 19,72 EUR (Prijs exclusief 21% BTW)

Novocs Matte Gallon Novocs Matte, Silicone Solvent, Gallon unit 108,88 EUR (Prijs exclusief 21% BTW)

Novocs Gloss / 0,34kg Novocs Gloss pint (0,34 kgs) 19,72 EUR (Prijs exclusief 21% BTW)

IPA isopropylalcohol

Alcohol 100ml Alcohol 97% 100ml 6,50 EUR (Prijs exclusief 21% BTW)

Iso Propyl Alcohol / 500ML Iso Propyl Alcohol 96% 500ML 5,50 EUR (Prijs exclusief 21% BTW)

IPA isopropylalcohol 96% - 1LTR VERPAKKING 7,50 EUR (Prijs exclusief 21% BTW)


Acetone / 500ml Aceton, algemeen oplosmiddel, Fles 500 ml 4,90 EUR (Prijs exclusief 21% BTW)

Aceton / 1ltr Aceton, algemeen oplosmiddel, 1000 ml blik 8,80 EUR (Prijs exclusief 21% BTW)


E-POX-EE KLEENER™ Hand Cleaner 470 ml E-POX-EE KLEENER is a unique industrial hand cleaner made especially for removing unreacted liquid epoxy, polyester, urethanes and other resins from the skin. It will also remove liquid paint, lac... 8,90 EUR (Prijs exclusief 21% BTW)

Double Coat Thinner

Double Coat Kwastverdunner 500ml Special thinners for Double Coat products. Composed for brush or roller application, spray application or special degreasing and cleaning agent. 9,16 EUR (Prijs exclusief 21% BTW)