Learn the essential techniques involved in making a rubber mold such as how to properly measure, mix, vacuum degas, and pour silicone and urethane rubber. These videos also demonstrate techniques and tips for producing better resin castings.

Vacuum Degassin Silicone Rubber

How To Paint Silicone Matte or Gloss

How To Pre-Mix Silicone Rubber

How To Measure Silicone

Double Mix and Pour With OOMOO

Double Mix Sillicone

How To Build a Mold Box

How To Pre-Mix Urethane Casting Resin

Premixing Smooth-On Feather Lite

Measuring Urethane Rubber by Weight

How to Mix Urethane Resin

How to Remove Bubbles from Urethane Resin

Using XTEND-IT Dry Gas Blanket

How to Open and Dispense a 5 Gallon Pail