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Ease Release®

EASE RELEASE 205 is a versatile liquid release agent that is used for a variety mold making and casting applications. This product will release liquid urethane rubber from cured urethane rubber and a variety of surfaces. It will also release silicone rubber from itself and a variety of surfaces. ER 205 can also be used to release epoxy, and urethane resins as well as thermoplastics. EASE RELEASE 205 is effective on a variety of substrates including steel, aluminum, chrome, epoxy, urethane rubber and plastics, sealed plasters, sealed concrete and wax.

Ease Release® 200 is an excellent general purpose release agent for making molds and casting parts. This product will release polyurethane elastomers, epoxy resin, polyester resins, RTV silicones, rubber, and thermoplastic polymers. Ease Release® 200 is effective on aluminum, chrome, RTV silicone, epoxy, rubber, and steel molds.

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Ease Release

  • Ease Release 205 /340ml

    Liquid version of Ease Release 200. Removable release agent - silicone based - Bottle 30 ml

    20,95 EUR (Prijs exclusief 21% BTW)

  • Ease Release 200 aerosol / 400gr

    Afwasbar losmiddel - op basis van silicone - toepassingsbereik: polyurethaan, epoxy, polyester, PU-schuim, siliconen. Oppervlak: satijn, spuitbus 400 gram

    17,35 EUR (Prijs exclusief 21% BTW)

  • Ease Release 300 aerosol / 400gr

    Losmiddel voor P.U., epoxy, polyester, RTV silicone rubbers en thermoplastics. Oppervlak: mat, spuitbus 400 gram

    15,80 EUR (Prijs exclusief 21% BTW)

  • Ease Release 400 aerosol / 400gr

    Zeer efficiënt lossingsmiddel ontworpen om polyurethaanelastomeren, Thiokol rubbers, EPDM en andere synthetische elastomeren los te maken van aluminium, chroom, epoxy, polyester, rubber en stalen mallen, basis van siliconen - spuitbus 400 gram

    16,05 EUR (Prijs exclusief 21% BTW)

  • Ease Release 500 aerosol / 400gr

    Aerosol losmiddel op basis van teflon - spuitbus 400 gram

    15,80 EUR (Prijs exclusief 21% BTW)

  • Ease Release 205 / 2-oz

    Ease release 200 en 205 is een uitstekende, voor algemene doeleinden gemaakt, lossingsmiddel voor het maken van mallen en gietstukken. Dit product lost urethaanrubber, urethaan harsen, polyesterh...

    12,15 EUR (Prijs exclusief 21% BTW)

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