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Bluebird FX

BlueBird FX Palettes

BlueBirdFX Palettes

  • BlueBirdFX Pale Skin Palette

    Eight of the palest skin tones available anywhere! Soft, pure tones including colours for highlighting, giving a hint of warmth or covering tattoos and discoloration. Colours: (Parchment, Birch, Pa...

    114,95 EUR (Prijs inclusief 21% BTW)

  • BlueBirdFX Fair Skin Palette

    A beautiful selection of neutral tones and neutralising colours especially for fair skin. It even includes a dark tone for contouring or freckle spatter. Colours: (Lite, Blue Neutraliser, Cashew, W...

    114,95 EUR (Prijs inclusief 21% BTW)

  • BlueBirdFX Medium Skin Palette

    Wonderfully rich skin tones with either yellow or red bias.A great all-round palette for every occasion. Colours: (Chai, Mocha, Walnut, Satay, Pecan, Chestnut, Light Caramel, Cinnamon) The Bluebird...

    114,95 EUR (Prijs inclusief 21% BTW)

  • BlueBirdFX Dark Skin Palette

    A beautifully formulated range for dark skin tones, from the lightest to the deepest. Also great for general contouring. Colours: (Sienna, Terracotta, Peanut, Toffee, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Greek C...

    114,95 EUR (Prijs inclusief 21% BTW)

  • BlueBird FX Essentials Palette

    Great colours to adjust, mix, tone, augment and soften. The perfect harmonising range! Colours: (Blood Blister, Flushed, Mushroom, True Rose, Blue Neutraliser, Camel, Spice, Cooler) The Bluebird In...

    114,95 EUR (Prijs inclusief 21% BTW)

BlueBirdFX Palettes

  • BlueBirdFX B.A.D. Palette

    Ideal for character break-down and minor injuries. Great for those last minute requirements. No stand-by kit should be without it!! Colours: (Black, Dark Chocolate, Dried Blood, Blood) The Bluebird...

    114,95 EUR (Prijs inclusief 21% BTW)

  • BlueBirdFX Triage Palette

    A quintessential selection of colours for wounds, bruises, cuts, gashes, lacerations, haematomas, contusions, welts, wheals, grazes, scrapes, stitches, rashes, pimples, stings, hives... and more!! ...

    114,95 EUR (Prijs inclusief 21% BTW)

  • BlueBirdFX Character Palette

    Seriously one of our favourite and most popular palettes! Once you have tried it, you won't want to be without it. Makes character and aging make-ups a breeze! Colours: bisque, vein,freckle,age spo...

    114,95 EUR (Prijs inclusief 21% BTW)

  • BlueBirdFX Brights Palette

    Originally intended for body painting, this palette has since become the go-to for every artist who enjoys the control of mixing their own colours. Also perfect for injuries and bruising on dark sk...

    114,95 EUR (Prijs inclusief 21% BTW)

  • BlueBirdFX Transparent Palette

    Problem - When you mix ink with alcohol, it becomes weak and watery. Colour becomes inconsistent and bleeds on the skin. Result - work that lacks precision and definition. Answer - Bluebird FX new ...

    114,95 EUR (Prijs inclusief 21% BTW)

BlueBird FX Adhesives

BlueBirdFX AdhesiveX

BlueBirdFX Adhesive

BlueBird FX Dirt & Sunburn

BlueBird FX Dirt

BlueBird FX Sunburn

BlueBird FX Old Age

BlueBird FX Old Age

  • BlueBirdFX Old Age Beige 50ml

    Old age stipple can be painted straight on or stippled on. Stretch the skin, apply as desired allow to dry and powder very sparingly. The edges blend off beautifully.

    60,08 EUR (Prijs inclusief 21% BTW)

BlueBird FX Sealers

BlueBirdFX AdhesiveX

  • BlueBirdFX Gloss Sealer 50ml

    Gloss can be used to mix with blood colored inks for a range or shiny and plasma effects.Can also be stippled on for permanent sweat. Can be diluted for airbrush use. *Available in 50ml

    42,05 EUR (Prijs inclusief 21% BTW)

  • BlueBirdFX Matt Sealer 50ml

    Matt Sealer can be used for a number of effects including protecting tattoo transfers and reducing the tack of "bondo" materials. Can be diluted for airbrush use.

    48,88 EUR (Prijs inclusief 21% BTW)


Hier vindt u onze produkten gerangschikt naar diverse toepassingsmogelijkheden, zoals: Lifecasting, boetseren, afvormen, gieten, make-up, stuntwerk, dentaalwerk en studie.

  • Afvormen

    fllexibele materialen voor mallen: siliconen, pu-rubbers, alginaat etc.

  • Cold Casting

    Metaalpoeders en plastics voor het "koud" gieten van IJzer, Brons, Messing of Tin.

  • Composieten

    Harsen, polyester, epoxy, acrylhars, glasvezels enz.

  • Cosplay

    Producten om je eigen cosplay kostuums en rekwisieten te maken

  • Gietmaterialen

    Materialen voor het gieten van harde of flexibele objecten.

  • Prototyping

    Materialen die worden gebruikt voor rapid prototyping

  • Restauratie

    Voor het vervaardigen en herstellen van architectuur en ornamentiek.

  • Schuimen

    Liquid Flexible Foam, Liquid Rigid Foam, Rigid Foam Blocks

  • Special Properties

  • Textiel

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