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Glow Worm Pigmenten

Glow Worm Glow in the dark powder

Glow Worm® fosforescerende poeders kunnen worden toegevoegd aan Smooth-On vloeibare kunststoffen, rubbers en schuimen om gietingen te maken die in het donker gloeien na te zijn opgeladen met licht. Kies uit groen of blauw.

Wat onderscheidt Glow Worm®-poeders van andere glow-in-the-dark-poeders? Gebruikt zoals aangegeven en na licht te zijn opgeladen zoals aanbevolen, zullen gietingen gemaakt met Glow Worm® poeders in het donker minstens 10 keer langer gloeien dan andere gloeipoeders.

Glow-in-the-dark-gietstukken worden gebruikt voor Halloween-themaweergaven, hobbyhobbyprojecten, aquariums, winkeldisplays en meer. Deze materialen worden ook gebruikt voor industriële markering, gemeentelijke veiligheidstoepassingen en meer.

Technical Bulletin Glow Worm
safety data sheet MSDS

safety data sheet MSDS

Glow Worm Pigmenten

  • Glow Worm Blue /1kg

    Glow Worm Blue /1kg

    314,32 EUR (Prijs inclusief 21% BTW)

  • Glow Worm Green /1kg

    Glow Worm Green /1kg

    247,51 EUR (Prijs inclusief 21% BTW)

For best results, use Glow Worm® powders with a fast-curing translucent resin such as Smooth-Cast® 325. The fast curing resin allows uniform filler dispersion throughout the finished casting. If the resin system is too slow, fillers may settle unevenly in the finished casting. Glow Worm® powders can also be added to translucent / clear silicone rubbers such as Dragon Skin® or EcoFlex® Series for glow in the dark props that are soft and flexible. Glow Worm® powders can also be blended to create additional finished effects.

Directions for Use – Pre-mix all liquid resin, rubber or foam before dispensing. Store and use all materials at or near 73°F/23°C. Glow Worm® powders must be kept dry (see ’Guarding Against Moisture’ section). Use with adequate ventilation. Read and follow directions for material used to mix with Glow Worm® powders. The following example features SmoothCast® 325 (A+B) mixed with Glow Worm® powder. The powder must be thoroughly dispersed into a two component liquid resin or rubber to a uniform consistency.

Recommended Mix Ratio by Volume: 1A + 1B + 1 Part Glow Worm® powder.

By Volume Mixing & Casting Procedure:

Dispense 1 cup of Smooth-Cast® 325 Part B into a clean mixing container.
Dispense 1 cup Glow Worm® powder into mixing container.
Mix thoroughly.
Dispense 1 cup of Smooth-Cast® 325 Part A into mixing container.
Mix for 30 seconds until all filler particles are dispersed and pour into rubber mold.
Lower Your Cost Per Casting - Glow Worm Powders are Expensive: Mix small amounts as directed above and brush layers into a mold to coat the mold cavity (known as a face coat or gel coat).

Optional: Combine Smooth-Cast®/Glow Worm® mixture with 1 part Ure-Fil® 11 to increase brushability of gel coat. Follow by backfilling with straight resin or foam.

The glow effect will be the same vs. a solid casting and material cost will be greatly reduced.

Guarding Against Moisture – All powders will absorb atmospheric moisture over time which will react with urethane resins. If you notice a moisture reaction between resin and powder or suspect that your Glow Worm® powder contains moisture, you can remedy by spreading powder evenly over a metal cookie sheet at ¼” (0.6 cm) thickness and bake in oven for 4 hours at 150° F/60° C. Allow to cool before mixing powder with resin. Store powder in a tightly closed container in a cool, dry environment with a desiccant pouch (available at your local hobby/arts and crafts store). Replace used desiccant pouches every other time you open container.

Glow Worm® Powders are up to 50% brighter than the competition.


Hier vindt u onze produkten gerangschikt naar diverse toepassingsmogelijkheden, zoals: Lifecasting, boetseren, afvormen, gieten, make-up, stuntwerk, dentaalwerk en studie.

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