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Habitat Cast N Coat™

Habitat Cast N Coat ™ is een gevulde, twee componenten (A + B) vloeibare epoxy die solide of verdikt kan worden opgemeerd of gespateld op verticale oppervlakken. Het materiaal hardt uit tot een keiharde kunststof met verwaarloosbare krimp.
Mengverhouding is 1A: 1B op volume. De werktijd is 85 minuten en het materiaal hardt na een nacht uit (bij kamertemperatuur). SO Strong®, UVO® of Ignite®-kleurstoffen kunnen tijdens het mengen aan de vloeibare Cast N Coat ™ worden toegevoegd om een ​​verscheidenheid aan kleureffecten te creëren. De uitgeharde epoxy kan worden geschuurd en geverfd met acrylverf.

Habitat Cast N Coat ™ certificeert de hoogste beschikbare vlamklasse (ASTM E84, klasse A), waardoor dit materiaal ideaal is voor toepassingen in de openbare ruimte. Ook bevat het geen VOC's, ftalaten of kristallijne silica (een bekend carcinogeen) en is het veilig voor het maken van producten die gebruikt worden in de nabijheid van dieren / reptielen en in het water levende organismen.
Epoxy hecht zich permanent aan zichzelf of aan verschillende oppervlakken en kan worden toegepast als een brandbestendige en beschermende / decoratieve coating op EPS of hardschuim, gipsplaat, hout, PVC en meer. Habitat Cast N Coat ™ is ook een uitstekend reparatiemateriaal en hecht permanent aan zichzelf, PVC, Plexiglas® (acryl), hout, vele metalen, kunststoffen en schuimen.

  • Habitat Cast N Coat™ /9,1 kg

    Shore D85| Cure Time: 16H00

    194,28 EUR (Prijs inclusief 21% BTW)

Safety – Use in a well-ventilated area (“room size” ventilation). Generally, if you use any epoxy system on a regular basis, wearing a NIOSH approved respirator is advised. Wear safety glasses, long sleeves and rubber gloves to minimize skin contact. Wear nitrile or vinyl gloves only.
Preparation – Materials should be stored and used at room temperature (73°F/23°C). This product has a limited shelf life and should be used as soon as possible. Mixing should be done in a well-ventilated area. Wear safety glasses, long sleeves and rubber gloves to minimize contamination risk. Because no two applications are quite the same, a small test application to determine suitability for your project is recommended if performance of this material is in question.
Applying A Release Agent – For releasing epoxy from nonporous surfaces such as resin, metal, glass etc., use Ease Release® 200 or 205 (available from Smooth-On) to prevent adhesion.
Pre-Mixing Material – The fillers in this epoxy system will settle in the container over time. Before using, fillers need to be reconstituted by pre-mixing Part A thoroughly.

Measuring - Dispense equal amounts of Part A and Part B.
Mixing – Be sure mixing utensils are clean and free of any potential contaminants such as dirt, dust or grease. Mix Parts A and B thoroughly for at least 3 minutes with a square edged mixing stick. Be aggressive and scrape sides and bottom of mixing container several times. Use the square edge of mixing stick to bring material off of the sides of container and blend. If using a drill mixer, mix at low RPM and follow with hand mixing as directed above to ensure thorough mixing.
Important - Do not vacuum material
Pouring – If casting Habitat Cast N Coat™ into a rubber mold, pour mixture in a single spot at the lowest point of the mold. Let the mixture seek its level. A uniform flow will help minimize entrapped air. Recommended casting thickness maximum 4 in. / 10 cm.. Castings that are ¼ in. thickness or less will cure more slowly.

Thickening Cast N Coat™ Using Folding Powder® - Increase viscosity for vertical surface application by adding folding powder. For a trowelable consistency (for coating EPS foam, for example), start by adding 1 Part A, 1 Part B and 2 Parts Folding Powder®. Using a Turbine Mixer, Mix A + B thoroughly and slowly sift in Folding Powder® while still mechanically mixing. Apply to vertical surface using a disposable chip brush or trowel. Material sticks to itself, so adding layers is possible at any time. Material can be smoothed by applying alcohol or water to gloved finger tips and applying.

Curing and Heat Resistance – Habitat Cast N Coat™ will cure in 16 hours at room temperature. Elevated heat will cure epoxy faster. At an ambient temperature of 150°F/60°C, the material will cure in as little as 30 minutes. A heat gun may also be used, as long as the surface temperature of the Habitat does not exceed 212°F/100°C. Putty cured at room temperature with a minimum thickness of ½” (1.27 cm) will resist temperatures up to 131°F/55°C.

Machining – Cured castings are rigid and durable. They resist moisture, moderate heat, solvents, dilute acids and can be machined, primed/painted or bonded to other surfaces (any release agent must be removed). If machining cured Habitat Cast N Coat™ epoxy, wear dust mask or other apparatus to prevent inhalation of residual particles.
Painting – For outdoor display, cured Habitat Cast N Coat™ can be primed and then painted with acrylic enamel paints. Let paint fully dry before putting part into service.
Removing Uncured Habitat Cast N Coat™ - Remove as much uncured material from the surface as possible. Clean any residue with soap and water. Optional - Use E-POX-EE KLEENER® available from Smooth-On.

Hier vindt u onze produkten gerangschikt naar diverse toepassingsmogelijkheden, zoals: Lifecasting, boetseren, afvormen, gieten, make-up, stuntwerk, dentaalwerk en studie.

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